My brain

Hello again! Day 2 is in the books. Planned was another 0.5 mile jog at a 16:07 min/mile pace. Before we talk about that jog, let’s talk first about my brain going into it:

My afternoon yesterday consisted of this:


Please note the white blotch on my knee area. I was at lunch, I set my tray with nachos down to grab some jalepenos, and ka-BLAM, the whole she-bang fell on my leg and foot. Thankfully the folks in the dining hall were wonderful and had the mess and me cleaned up before I had time to feel humiliated. I got to walk around the rest of the day with this lovely accent on my pants. TOTAL fashion statement, if I do say so myself.

Then, on the drive home this happened:

Yup, my check-engine light is on. #@$%#$! I’ve been having some oil related troubles after a not-great experience at a drive through quicky oil change place. They didn’t fill ‘er up all the way, and that is no good on the engine.

I commute about 120 miles a day (round trip), so my car always has to be in tip-top shape. No room for check-engine lights here!

(Also, if you’re a feminist, you need to listen to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. It’s a fun listen, but there is language, if you’re opposed to that sort of thing).

This made my evening better:

This is our kitty Margot. She’s a black cat, so that makes her nearly impossible to photograph. I’ll try to get a better shot of her, eventually, she’s always moving though, which makes it harder. You’ll meet her bro on Friday 🙂

Anyhow, my mind wasn’t in the right place this morning at 5am when I awoke. Lots o’ worries, and some majorly sore shins. I got my tush out of bed and dragged myself out the door. Here’s the part where my brain comes in: I was already expecting a worse result than yesterday. What did I get, you ask?

Well for starters, this:

A gorgeous pre-sunrise. SO PRETTY! But I also got exactly what I mentally planned for. This half mile seemed to trudge on for. ev. er. Seriously, I kept checking my phone, “is it over yet? Is it over yet?” and nope, it wasn’t. I felt winded and slower than a snail skiing in peanut butter. Surprisingly I managed to almost exactly match my pace from yesterday. Just a hair slower.

I accomplished what I set out for. That’s a bonus. I’ve also realized that my brain needs to be in the right place before I even hit the pillow the night before a run.

No matter how bad or stressful my day is, I need to take a moment before going to sleep and let stuff go. If I don’t, it’ll come with me the next morning and slow me down. That’s what excess baggage does!

For funsies, here’s another gratuitous full-moon shot after I’d gotten back home. I can’t get over the beauty of it.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you all to my running gear. No in depth reviews, just a “here’s what I’m using” and a quick note whether I like it or not.

Gear Intro Week 1 – Garmin Forerunner 220

This here’s my Garmin. I picked it up last summer as I started training for my last half marathon. I got tired of lugging my phone with me.

I really like this watch. It’s got all the function I need: programmable intervals (which I’m not using as of today), GPS, current pace, average pace, distance, etc. I probably could have gotten a cheaper watch to do all these things, but I like technology and this one appealed to me (though now I’m drooling over the Forerunner 225 – but that’s not happening until this guy goes out).

My next run is on Friday, same as the last two (these first few weeks may be boring, but I’m learning and reflecting on each run, which is helpful).

Questions for you:

What strategies do you have to combat a case of the “negs?”

Do you have any fuzzy critters in your life?

Anyone have any tips for tight shins?


One thought on “My brain

  1. Shin issues typically arise from not wearing proper footwear, and trying to go faster or harder than you should. Consider purchasing running shoes from Fleet Feet (the old Sierra Running Company) in which they have a no questions asked policy on returning shoes if they don’t fit. And they test you to see if you pronate or suponate, so you know you are buying proper shoes. I had shin issues ONCE in the 4 years I was running and it was because I came back from a break trying to run too quickly.

    Check out these exercises:

    ❤ Alexis

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