Happy Friday

Hello and happy Friday! 4:45am came eeeeeaaarly. My alarm started buzzing and I wanted nothing more than to roll over and sleep for another 30 minutes. BUT I got up! Whoop!

I started today with a much better frame of mind than yesterday.

Maybe it was these delicious nectarines we had with dinner last night…..

That was definitely part of it. Another part was having a day off from running. I needed to sleep; specifically, I needed to sleep “in” (which still means getting up at 5:30am, but that’s my life, so….)

Run 3 was interesting, in spite of my get-up-and-go this morning, and included some technical difficulties. Same run this whole week: 0.5 miles 16:07 pace. On the advice of my runner friend Alexis, I tried slowing down; maybe 14:00 miles are still too fast. The slightly reduced effort was barely noticeable, but OMG it made a huge difference! My shins weren’t on fire.

I’ve got to stop pushing myself so hard, apparently. I’ll get there when I get there, and there’s no point in rushing the process and risking injury. I was really hoping it wasn’t my shoes, since I’ve only just invested in two new pair. That remains to be seen…I’ll be monitoring things still.

Ok, now for the technical difficulties….I had run to my 0.25 mile turn around spot, and checked my phone to confirm I wasn’t off, and lo-and-behold, the GPS wasn’t working in the MyAsics App. Grumble. So I flipped around and decided to just trust my memory and head back. I may or may not have run a half mile today, maybe more, maybe a little less – but I sure as heck wasn’t going to restart the clock.

This bothered me greatly, though. I’m a structured person who needs to follow the plan to the letter. Often, once I fall off the plan, I just give up and walk away. I won’t do that with this – remember that accountability I asked for in post number 1? Yeah, THAT’S why I need accountability. The fact that people are reading this helps keep me moving forward. Thanks for that!

I promised yesterday pictures of Margot’s brother. This is Noah. Noah probably has some self esteem issues, we call him various nicknames referring to his girth (he’s a BIG boy – nearly 20lbs). The best-of hits include: Meatball, Fat Man, and my personal favorite Meaty. He takes it in stride, and has actually lost a little weight since we moved – stairs have done his body good!




I also snagged a great picture of Margot Wednesday night. My friend on Instagram called her Gargoyle Cat – that seems fitting, ha ha!






In other health-related news, I got a standing desk for work yesterday! It’s great. Today I implemented a one-hour stand; one-hour sit regimen and it went great. Especially fun is to put on some fun music when I’m in a “standing” hour and dance around while typing out email. It definitely made the day go by fast.



Day 2 Gear: Jaybird X2 Bluetooth headphones

These are a new addition to my running gear. I learned about them first from the Hungry Runner Girl blog (well technically she was talking about the Jaybird Freedom, but my research led me to the X2 as being more my speed). I did a lot of research and found that they would be a great compliment to my training gear! I’ve run with them every day this week and OMG it is so nice to have headphones that stay in and don’t have cords to get all tangled up in! I managed to pick them up the day before Amazon Prime Day for a very reasonable price.

Questions for you:

Are you a structured person or a “panster” (fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants) when it comes to life?


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