Day 4

Hello and good afternoon. Run number 4 is in the books! Hooray! I woke up (against my will) at 5:45am – my alarm was set for 6, so there was no point in going back to sleep. I got out the door for my fourth 0.5 mile run at a 16:07 minute/mile pace. Thank goodness there are only 3 more of these to go!

I have to say though, these short, slow runs have been a real confidence booster. Unlike when I began training last Tuesday, I know I can run a mile at that pace without stopping. It has been refreshing to find that my body is not as in bad of shape as I imagine it.

When I emerged from the bedroom, ready to head downstairs, I was caught off guard by the cloudy sky. There isn’t typically “weather” around here this time of year, besides “hot,” that is. I convinced myself it was probably smoke from one of the various fires burning in the hills. I was none-too-pleased to go outside in sooty conditions, but half a mile is doable in that case.



You can see from my face after the run that a) it was a great one! and b) it wasn’t smoke at all, but clouds! I could smell the moisture in the air, and it was SO nice. I found it hard to slow down today, after another rest day yesterday, I really had to force myself to run slower than a 14:00 min/mile pace; I failed thoroughly….14:03 😐 I feel good this afternoon, though – no shinny-shin-shin problems! I figure, if I’m not feeling like I’m exerting myself, I’ll just go by feel this week and try to keep it above 14:00.


Day 3 Gear – Entertainment (Downcast)

Some people run with music, some run with nothing, some run with podcasts. I fall into the latter camp.

Why? You ask. Simple: I get in my head when I run, and not in a good way – actually in a very, very bad way. I’ve gone out for a training run alone, with music and ended up stopping 5 minutes in because the “why am I doing this to myself? I don’t like this….” thoughts kick up. I LIKE running, so these thoughts are a complete and utter lie.

So I shut them up with podcasts. Music just doesn’t do that for me. I need my brain to be engaged and podcasts do that 100%. I listen to a variety of things, but here is a list of my current favorites:

  1. Stuff You Should Know
  2. Accidental Tech Podcast (an Apple geek’s dream!)
  3. Embrace Running
  4. Invisibilia
  5. Books: NPR

In fact, I listen to podcasts almost exclusively, while running and on my long, long commute. I listen so much, that I have topic specific playlists to make listening even easier.

My podcast player of choice is Downcast. I used to use the Apple Podcast app, but found it didn’t have as much functionality as I would have liked, so I invested $2.99 in Downcast and have been very happy.

Another good choice for iOS (if you’re in the market) is Overcast. It only came on the scene in the last year and a half or so, so wasn’t an option when I bought Downcast; but I’ve heard it’s good, and free.


Questions for you:

Do you get in your head while running? How do you combat negative thoughts?

How was your weekend? I had a great lunch with my parents, sister, and nieces yesterday!







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