Just Keep Running

I think it will be wise to open some posts with a “confessional” (when warranted). Let’s start today with Confessional 1 (in a series of several, I’m sure):

I skipped my run yesterday. Yep, I sure did. Before I launch into my litany of excuses, I did run today.

Excuse #1: 5:00am – I was tiiiired (was! :*(( ). Seriously, though, I was SO tired. I haven’t slept well since Sunday. I just keep waking up once an hour, and toss and turn for 15-30 minutes and doze then wake up again – rinse/repeat. By the time my alarm was supposed to go off yesterday morning, I had been awake since 4am unable to go back to sleep. I decided to give myself a break; after all, I was helping out at the last New Student Orientation of the summer, and it was bound to be an intense day. Why expend what little energy I had to face the day on a jog? “I’ll run when I get home from work,” I reasoned.

Excuse #2: Cut to 6:15pm, I’m rounding the bend on my way home, the day wasn’t nearly as rough as I’d anticipated, and I glance down at my temperature gauge to see this —>
HAHAHAHA. Nope 😐 Not going to run. “I’ll wait until the sun goes down,” I then promised myself.

Excuse #3: Cut to 8:15pm, watching my favorite episode of Parks and Rec on Netflix on the couch. I’m getting verrrry sleepy, my eyes are beginning to burn, the sun is setting. My resolve to run fluttered out the window. I wasn’t 100% sure I’d even make it up the stairs to get to bed. I did, but not without bumping into the wall a couple times on my way.

I slept SO well last night it was ridiculous! At 5 when my alarm went off, I didn’t feel the urge to roll over and fall back to sleep. I got up and started getting ready to go out when I heard some shuffling from the bedroom, so I wandered back and and who’s up?! Ryan! He decided to get back on the run wagon and join me this morning.

We have a long standing agreement, we’ll run “together,” but “together” means we’re both outside at the same time. This dude can do not one form of exercise for 6 months, then one day just go out for a 3 mile run like nothing. Seriously, 8 minute miles. So he ran laps around me, per usual. He runs ahead, doubles back, runs past me, then catches back up, and runs ahead again. It’s nice, but I have to really work hard not to try and keep up with him.

I was successful at that attempt today, I actually slowed down: 14:08 minute/mile! I still can seem to keep slow enough to meet the 16:07 minute/mile goal. I feel confident I’ll finally slow down on Sunday once I actually run a mile.

Day 4 Gear – Shoes

Let’s talk about shoes for a minute.

I’ve got a sordid history with running shoes. I started training in 2010 with a pair of Nike Free 2.0+. I LOVED these shoes. They were so light, and very comfortable. I ran them into the ground that year, then I hung up my running shoes until 2015. I tried the newest Nike Free version, but wasn’t a fan.

This is where my shoe history goes sour, I bought a pair of shoes from Costco (yes! Costco) for $19.99. The price was so tempting. They were “running shoes,” why the heck not? Uh yeah, no bueno. I lost both of my big toenails after November’s half. This cemented in me that shoes are of the utmost importance. We’re out there smashing the heck out of our feet, we need to show them some love – and sadly, the best love does not come from $20 “running shoes.”

I’m currently using 2 pairs: Saucony Zealot ISO and Saucony Breakthru. I actually do run in both. My Breakthrus are my short run shoes. They’re not my favorite, but they get the job done. I probably won’t follow that line past this training season. The Zealots though, oh boy do I love those. They are like cushions of air that spring me off the ground and propel me forward. They’re going to be my long run shoes. For now, they’re my “Sunday Run” shoes, since I’m not actually doing long runs, but those runs will be on Sundays so…..you see where I’m going with this.

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite “excuse” for skipping a workout?

What shoes are your favorite?


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