Oh, the webs we weave

If you don’t like spiders, I’ll see you for tomorrow’s blog (I won’t be offended at all if you close this window).

Today’s post contains a spider. You’ve been warned.

4:45am came, and I hustled out the door for my usual 5 minute warm-up walk. I was bouncing happily along listening to my podcasts, as usual. I was just about to the quarter mile mark (where I start my run, typically), when WHAM! I slammed right into a HUGE spider web.

We’re not talking one strand here, nope. We’re talking a web meant to catch and eat a human. I was wearing short running pants that hit about my knee and I could feel the web from there, all the way up to my chin.

If you’ve ever hit a spider web while walking, you know “the spider dance:”


It looks a little something like this….

Add to this motion some hopping, kicking, and some audible “bleah!!!” and you’ve got yourself a might funny picture.

I’m SO thankful that this happened at 5am, and not 6:30am when people are out, and it is light, and they can see me dancing around like an idiot!

When I returned home (still picking pieces of web off my person), I told Ryan that I was sad he didn’t join me for today’s run (he’s not training for anything, so made the choice to sleep in). He looked at me sadly, as though he’d disappointed me. I then told him not to feel that way, because it was for selfish reasons: if he’d gone out with me, he would have taken the web hit instead of me. He rolled his eyes at that.

Then I showed him my watch to prove I wasn’t being (too) over dramatic. I thought for a minute that I’d scratched my watch up something fierce, then I realized it was web! Crazy! It wiped right off with a tissue.

Today’s run was great, in spite of that. I ran with no stops, pauses, or hops (because this incident occurred during my warm up 😉 ). Official stats are: 1 mile at 15:08. I worked really hard to slow it down even more today, and I’m happy I did.

I got to work this morning and was walking cheerfully up the hill to the office. I feel fantastic! Exercising in the morning really does wonders for ones’ mood. It helps that I’m a morning person, though. It’s 100% worth getting up before the crack of dawn.

*********Edit – Saturday, August 6, 2016***********

I caught a picture of the beast yesterday. Look on in horror!

Questions for you:

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Have you had any encounters with man-eating spiders? If so, I’m glad you survived!



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