The Culprit

First, if you’d like to see the man eating spider from Tuesday, go back to that post and scroll all the way to the bottom. I caught sight of her on my run yesterday because I was running in the daylight…..I was totally right, she was out for human blood.

Yesterday’s run was my last 1 miler! Tomorrow I graduate to 2 milers like a big kid! I ran far too fast yesterday, I finished with a 14:20 pace, rather than the 16:07 pace I was instructed to do. My app was yelling at me the whole way. “TOO FAST!!! TOO FAST!!!” (just kidding here, it only does 0.5 mile check-ins and tells you “you’re going 1 minute 12 seconds faster than your assigned pace”).

I’ve got a couple theories as to why I sped it up: 1) It was sooooooo nice outside yesterday, a full 10 degrees cooler than any morning the rest of the week, and I was running almost 2 hours later than usual, that would account for a little spring in my step; 2) speaking of running later and in broad daylight, I was a tad self conscious running so slow with so many people out. They probably weren’t judging me, but I suppose I was judging myself.

Could be either of those reasons, or some combination of both. For tomorrow’s 2 mile run, I have to slow down, what I did yesterday wouldn’t be sustainable for me at this point.

I use a whole lotta technology when I run, my Fitbit, my Garmin, and my phone. They all give me different information, believe it or not. The Fitbit is for steps (and weekly challenges against my family and friends). The Garmin keeps track of my entire run: warm up, jog, and cool down. My phone houses my training plan from MyAsics, and I only turn that on during the run itself, not for the warm up and cool down.

If you go by my Garmin, I’m nailing the pace goals – but I don’t delude myself about that.

I’m planning on doing a 30-Day Yoga challenge (starting today, or Monday – it depends on a few factors whether I’ll start today). I need more flexibility, and a running blogger I follow (Run Eat Repeat) is doing it, so I’ll jump on the band wagon. Baaaaah.

My goal for this challenge is to do yoga on my rest days – I think that’ll be a nice start and work well into my lifestyle.

Question for you:

Are you a technology nerd? I am, give me all the gadgets and I’m a happy girl!


2 thoughts on “The Culprit

  1. I would have dropped dead at the site of that thing. Brian would have found my web wrapped corpse when he came outside

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