Running for “it”

You’ll notice that the name of my blog is “Kathy Runs for It.” You may be wondering what “it” is exactly. “It” is hard to explain. Mostly it’s a feeling of accomplishment – finishing something that was started – confidence – inspiration – I could go on…..

When you hear the phrase “run for it!” you probably picture someone sprinting with every muscle in their body toward a goal (whether it be a finish line, or to safety from a hungry bear). That’s what I’m getting at. I want to run for it! Of course, I’m not sprinting. This is more of a metaphorical “run for it.”

Eventually I’ll get around to the sprinting, but realistically that’ll only happen when the finish line is in sight. Haha!

My lack of posts the past two days did not mean a lack of runs! Rather I got busy and just didn’t make time to check in and hold up my end of the accountability bargain we’ve struck. Today is another busy day, but I figured I would sneak in for a quick “howdy-do!”

Tuesday’s run stats: 2 miles @ 15:14 pace. I felt really good, and despite it taking the entire 30 minutes I have allotted for running in the mornings, I didn’t feel rushed enough to speed up.

Yesterday’s run stats: 2 miles @ 15:12 pace. I see consistency setting in. These are the two most consistent (pace-wise) consecutive runs I’ve done yet. Let’s hope tomorrow is just about the same. Yesterday morning felt harder though – I perceived the temperature to be much warmer than Tuesday; but when I got back and checked my Garmin Connect App, it said it was actually 2 degrees cooler! Go figure… (Ryan also confirmed that it felt cooler to him, so clearly that was my brain playing a trick on me).

The run yesterday morning was a tad more eventful that normal (except for the “spider incident” which still makes me paranoid). I had just turned around after going a mile out when I noticed a car coming out of the gated neighborhood. We all do the thing where the posture and form improve when we see someone else: the pace speeds up – you gotta look like a “real runner,” not like death. So I assumed “the pose” and “effortlessly” jogged across the driveway.

…..only to veer a little to far to the right and whoop! my ankle went into the gutter and the rest of my body went into the bike lane. I didn’t fall, I stumbled a few steps, shook my ankle out and continued down the road as though nothing had happened.

It smarted for a bit yesterday, so I stayed off of it as much as possible. It helped that last night I did a Paint Night with my Mama. We had a blast!

Here’s up close of mine:

And up close of hers:

It’s super fun! Everyone’s came out completely different. I really want to do another.

Question for you:

Are you artistic? What’s your medium of choice? (mine are fiber and camera)



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