Hello all! I’m still here, just reeling in the amount of blog posts per week. When I run two days back to back, it just seems to make more sense to do one post about both (for my own time and sanity).

So let’s talk about Friday – Sunday:

Friday (planned run – 2 miles @ 16:07), actual run – zilch

Saturday (planned rest day), actual – run 2 miles @14:54

Sunday (planned run – 2.5 miles @ 16:07), actual run – 2.5 miles at 14:21

Now before you get out your torches and pitch forks on how fast today’s run was, lets rewind to Friday.

I’m not 100% sure what happened, my alarm went off and I just didn’t bounce out of bed like normal. It took a bit for me to come out of the sleepy haze, which is highly unusual for me. I opted to reset my alarm and do my run on Saturday. It may have been allergies, I got plenty of sleep.

Saturday at 6am, I bounced right out of bed like normal (hooray!), Ryan on the other hand didn’t. He still joined me for the run, but I think it took his entire run to actually wake up. Nothing special happened, I ran the whole two miles save for a quick shake of my legs at the 1 mile turn around. I went out too fast, and suffered the whole way. I rated this run a 2 out of 5 in my running journal, I was pretty miserable.

This morning, I wanted to sleep until 7, but checked the weather last night and it was already supposed to be ย 80+ degrees by then, so up at 6 again ๐Ÿ˜ As we were exiting the house my friends pulled up, that was a nice surprise! They were parking one of their cars at my place before they ventured up to Shaver Lake for the SAR (Search and Rescue) Wild Run 10k. As I completed my run, I knew I had it WAY easier than their 10k trail run in the mountains.

For whatever reason I had more energy this morning, and decided to just trust my body to get me into a steady and comfortable pace. I really didn’t look at my watch obsessively as I normally do – I just jogged. Apparently my comfortable pace is around 14:20 – 14:40, anytime I looked at my watch it was in that range.

While the pace felt totally comfortable, I knew I was pushing harder than the past 4 weeks, but it was a GOOD push.

To celebrate, I decided to make chili verde for my lunches this week. I wish there was smell-o-vision, because our house smells AMAZING!!






And of course here are some gratuitous kitty shots:

First are the kitties enjoying Saturday nap time. They don’t normally snuggle together, but we think Noah is feeling a bit under the weather, and Margot is being a good little sister and giving him lots of love.




Here’s Noah being his needy self. He meows for attention, and Ryan picks him up and swings him over his shoulder. He’s quite content there. For a little while, anyway. Then he gets the squirms and demands to be put down. Weirdo.


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