I feel better

….when I run! Before my family and friends call the CIA and claim that I’ve clearly been replaced with an alien doppelgänger, I’m serious, and this really is me talking.

I didn’t lie in my first post that I actually do like running – as pained as it is to get my shoes on and laced up and walk out the door, when I’m out there, I’m happy (often miserable, but truly happy!).

Now for some “bad” news: Confessional 2 – I skipped my run yesterday. The alarm went off, I got up, got dressed, and then…..my stomach started gurgling. To spare you the details, a run was just not happening.

I thought about rescheduling it, but the idea of getting up early both Saturday and Sunday (like last weekend) just made me want to puke. So I made the choice to let it go.

This morning my tummy was all better, and out the door we went. I was suffering, though, after waiting two days in between runs. I shuffled along for the first half mile and was greeted with a “your pace is on target” from MyAsics. My thought was LORDY! I’m going slow! Then I remembered, I’m supposed to be going slow. I’ve been “cheating” this entire time by going “fast.”

Today I ran 2 miles @ 15:00/mile pace. How? You ask. Well, I decided to throw in a Fartlek. It’s a real word, I promise (real fun to say, too, hehe). As I rounded the bend for the home stretch, I thought, I really need to start getting my lungs prepped for faster paces.

Fartlek means “speed play.” According to some running coaches, it should be playful, and spontaneous (otherwise, it’s just plain interval training). Something like, “I’m going to sprint from the pine tree to the palm tree” or from “this light post to that light post.” I opted for: “to the end of the block.” I started slowly accelerating until I was at my end-goal race pace, and man was I tired, but it was worth it and it felt good.


You see: I’ve got a “race pace” run coming up the day after my birthday (just 4 weeks from now), and I’m terrified, frankly. The fastest planned run between now and then is still barely faster than 16:00/mile, and my race pace (meaning the pace I’m shooting for on race day) is 11:24/mile. What the heck?! I’m not going to kill myself to do it, but I need to get conditioned to go a tad faster than I’m going now, and Fartleks are quick and “easy” sprints that could do the trick.

All in all, I need to remember: trust the plan. I’ll get there eventually.

Question for you:

How’s your Wednesday going? Mine has been fantastic with (homemade) chili verde nachos for lunch!


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