I’m Back, Baby!

Hello hello! I’ve been offline (sort of) for the past few weeks, I hope you all are well.

Last we spoke I was to stay off my foot for 2 weeks, then slowly (emphasis on slowly from the Dr.) try running again. I didn’t want to post that I was back on track right when I started trying to run again (call me superstitious), so I waited until a week in to surprise you. 🙂

I started back into activity a few days before my 2 weeks off were up with a 3.5 mile walk with Ryan. I told him I’d go out for as long as my foot felt okay, or 30 minutes (which ever came first), then we would head back home. I had a few twinges, but they passed and 30 minutes won! During the 30 minute walk back home, though, I started feeling the familiar pain between my toes.

By the time we reached home I was thankful that my foot lasted as long as it had, the pain was slight, nearly non-existent, so I considered that a victory.

I waited 3 or so more days before venturing out for a run. I restarted MyAsics plan (knowing I shouldn’t run 4.5 miles after taking 2 weeks off). Instead, we started over at a mile. I was thankful for that.

Off I went last Wednesday. Goal: 1 mile @ 15:24. Actual: 1 mile @ 14:40. My foot felt okay!

I pushed Friday’s run to Saturday in favor of staying up until midnight to pre-order the new iPhone. 😀

Last Saturday the goal was the same. Actual: 1 mile @ 13:48. I could see my body yearning for more mileage. Something I would have never expected. BUT…..the pain was back. Dun, dun, duuuuuun. At this point my suspicion was proved possibly true. I had the feeling that the culprit was my “short run shoes,” the Saucony Breakthru. I had decided to wear them a couple more times to see if the pain returned, and it did. Time to ditch the problem and use my Saucony Zealot ISOs.

Sunday I got back to 2 miles. Goal: 2 miles @ 15:24. Actual: 2 miles @ 14:39. I was tired, no doubt, but it felt good.

So here we are at this week. Goal both yesterday and today were 2 miles @ 15:24; respectively my actuals were 13:49 and 13:44. I was seriously on auto pilot for both of those runs. Ryan even remarked this morning that either I was going faster, or he was going slower. I told him, I just stayed where I felt good.

I’ve now fully abandoned my other shoes (haven’t run in them since Saturday), and since doing that I’ve had absolutely zero foot pain! I’m SO happy to be back running. I had seriously missed it for the two weeks I was off.

Getting up before the crack of dawn hasn’t been an issue at all so far, though once my weekday mileage starts increasing past 3 miles I’m going to need to start running after work. Let’s just hope it cools down before I need to make that switch – the forecast through the end of September is still mid- to high-90s (F, 35+ C).

Question for you:

What have you been up to the past 3 weeks! Running? Adventuring? Catch me up.


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