Getting Serious

I’m alive! Yes, I’m sure you were worried.

Life has been…..well… It happens, we all have things come up that just render us useless for a while, and that’s okay. I’m here now getting back into the ol’ swing of things.

Running has been about a once a week activity since last we spoke. I get a 2-3 miler in and call it a week.

You may notice in my little count down over here ——————————> that there are 3 months left until my Half…YIKES! I did some calculations a couple weeks ago, knowing it was about time to get serious about training again, and found out that this week is it! Time to get out and start pounding the pavement again.

Today reset the clock, and also reset my training plan. The MyAsics plan was getting on my nerves with its reminders to run. I turned them off, but they still kept coming through. I’ve had great success with Coach Jenny Hadfield’s plans in the past, so I’ll go back to that. I’m doing the Half Marathon Beginning Run plan. Here’s how it’ll work out:

Mondays: Run

Tuesdays: Rest

Wednesdays: Run

Thursdays: Rest

Fridays: Hilly Run (on the treadmill)

Saturdays or Sundays: Long Run

It’s gotten bitterly cold (for) here this past week (below freezing even!), so morning runs have been unmotivated – that’s where my treadmill comes in! Yay for the treadmill (words I’ve never uttered before…). This morning I ran my 30 minutes in the garage. 2.14 miles, at a 14:27 pace. Considering I used my Apple Watch to track this, the numbers weren’t far off what the treadmill readout said. That is promising.

Anywho, I’m back, and will be catching up with you all again. There are many stories to impart, and I will sprinkle them throughout the next few posts.

Here’s a gratuitous cold kitty picture. Noah is a hefty 17lb cat – and Home-Skillet tucked himself into this teeny tiny little ball.

I think he’s trying to tell us to turn up the heater!



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