Crash, Burn, and Get Back Up (again and again)

Hello to anyone still following! I’ve missed you all, and I’ve missed running. Let’s talk about the last 7 months:

Life is life and depression is a jerk. I’ve been struggling hard to get back in a mindset where I care about myself. I feel the fog lifting and am almost ready to reemerge. Truthfully, I was ready at the beginning of June, but I had a couple injuries that have prevented me from doing much of anything.

My half was scheduled for the end of March, sadly, I ended up getting terribly sick and spent the day on my couch with a box of tissues and a life-time supply of Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu. I cried. I was so upset, but I was running a fever and could hardly move. I had to make a tough call and decided that traveling for a race wasn’t the wisest choice right then.

Fast forward a few weeks and that’s where the depression flared up again. With meds and counseling, though, I’ve made it past the hump there, and have a much more “me-positive” outlook on life.

In June I was ready to run again, but dropped a watermelon on my foot one weekend (note the bruise on my middle toe),

then sprained the same foot the next week. My doctor said the sprain was so severe that I had to sit out of running for 6-8 weeks. Grrr!

Here we are in July, and I’m just about ready to start training again! I have another half scheduled for the beginning of November and I can’t wait to get out there again.

I’ll update next week as I begin slowly testing my foot to see how it responds. Wish me luck!


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