Fueling Up

Wednesday’s run: 1 mile @ 15:14 this morning. It was great. Yay. Not much more to say about it than that. Let’s talk about more interesting things, shall we?

It’s a month and a half until my birthday. I’ve decided this year to compile a list of things I want (to help out my family πŸ™‚ ). I don’t normally do anything like this, I’ll take a “happy birthday” and be on my way. No gifts are necessary, but I always get asked what I want.

This year I’m putting all running things on the list. Mostly accessories/nutrition. Which is the real topic today, lets talk about nutrition during a run (disclaimer *I am not a nutritionist, a coach, or any other qualified expert; I’m speaking from personal experience here*). If you’re not a runner, you probably picture someone going out for a 10 mile run with just a bottle of water and their phone. Oh, but they need so much more!

I learned that while, yes, you can go out with only water, you’ll probably be pretty miserable. You have to make sure to fuel during a long run so your energy stores don’t get depleted. It’s a fine art, learning when to refuel. There’s no magic formula that works for everyone. Some people need to fuel every 45 minutes, some can go more than an hour. Each body is unique.

I’m firmly in the 45 minute camp. I don’t want to let it go too long for fear of beginning that energy decline. I’ve only tried Clif Shot Bloks, personally. I found, though, during my half last year that it was a pain in the patootey to get these buggers chewed and swallowed before my next run interval. I was afraid I’d choke!

I decided that this year, I need to branch out of my comfort zone. I’ve heard of gels but I’m terrified of them! This sounds like an irrational fear, and you’re probably right; but it’s a texture thing for me. I don’t like pudding, or Jello, or yogurt – the combo of almost solid/almost liquid just incites a gag reflex in me. Obviously, a gel would probably do the same.

I’m going to try them during this training cycle, though, because it will make fueling up so much easier. The brands I’m looking at: Huma and Honey Stinger. I’m looking for low-chemical/more natural products. Any other recommendations are appreciated!

Headaches after a long run are also a reality in my world. I used to think it was from dehydration, which may be part of it; but I carry my hydration pack with me so I feel I’m fairly set in that department. After some reading, I found out it may be caused due to an electrolyte imbalance. Those need to be refueled, too! Who knew? (probably you, if you’re a runner). So also on my birthday list are some electrolyte tablets to add to my water bottle. Think Gatorade without all the sugar.

Here you thought running was “just” running! Nope, not when you’re training for something. There is so much to think about, from clothing choices, to food you eat – training for endurance running isn’t cut and dry. If you are ever planning to begin endurance running, do some homework; make sure you stay healthy and have fun!




Oh, the webs we weave

If you don’t like spiders, I’ll see you for tomorrow’s blog (I won’t be offended at all if you close this window).

Today’s post contains a spider. You’ve been warned.

4:45am came, and I hustled out the door for my usual 5 minute warm-up walk. I was bouncing happily along listening to my podcasts, as usual. I was just about to the quarter mile mark (where I start my run, typically), when WHAM! I slammed right into a HUGE spider web.

We’re not talking one strand here, nope. We’re talking a web meant to catch and eat a human. I was wearing short running pants that hit about my knee and I could feel the web from there, all the way up to my chin.

If you’ve ever hit a spider web while walking, you know “the spider dance:”


It looks a little something like this….

Add to this motion some hopping, kicking, and some audible “bleah!!!” and you’ve got yourself a might funny picture.

I’m SO thankful that this happened at 5am, and not 6:30am when people are out, and it is light, and they can see me dancing around like an idiot!

When I returned home (still picking pieces of web off my person), I told Ryan that I was sad he didn’t join me for today’s run (he’s not training for anything, so made the choice to sleep in). He looked at me sadly, as though he’d disappointed me. I then told him not to feel that way, because it was for selfish reasons: if he’d gone out with me, he would have taken the web hit instead of me. He rolled his eyes at that.

Then I showed him my watch to prove I wasn’t being (too) over dramatic. I thought for a minute that I’d scratched my watch up something fierce, then I realized it was web! Crazy! It wiped right off with a tissue.

Today’s run was great, in spite of that. I ran with no stops, pauses, or hops (because this incident occurred during my warm up πŸ˜‰ ). Official stats are: 1 mile at 15:08. I worked really hard to slow it down even more today, and I’m happy I did.

I got to work this morning and was walking cheerfully up the hill to the office. I feel fantastic! Exercising in the morning really does wonders for ones’ mood. It helps that I’m a morning person, though. It’s 100% worth getting up before the crack of dawn.

*********Edit – Saturday, August 6, 2016***********

I caught a picture of the beast yesterday. Look on in horror!

Questions for you:

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Have you had any encounters with man-eating spiders? If so, I’m glad you survived!


July Recap

Let’s talk about July! I began this crazy journey two weeks ago. The plan is to be a slow build up to the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in San Francisco in March 2017.

Since starting I’ve run only 4 miles (remember the slow part of my plan….). I’m feeling great and am really motivated. I’ve still got 623 more miles of training to complete, and 142 more runs (which, believe it or not, doesn’t sound terribly daunting)! I’m excited to get into weeks were we’ll have more to talk about than 1-2 mile runs. Truthfully the long runs last year were the best part of my week. Each one was a momentous accomplishment.

Before we launch into the recap, how was your weekend? Mine was great! We went to Carmel on Saturday to work and it was GORGEOUS! We didn’t see the sun at all, it was foggy and down right chilly. A far cry from the 105+ degrees we’ve been seeing in the Valley. While there we popped in at one of our favorite wineries to do some tasting.



Ok, now on to runningy things. I made a purchase! Because, more than just on the blog, I want to capture my runs somewhere that I can just flip through and see my progress and feel proud. So I bought a running journal. I like wine, so this made sense!



My run on Sunday was good. I went out for a mile, the first of four this week. It was a little bumpy to start, my body wasn’t getting into the groove; but then again, I got out at 6:30am and it was already a bit balmy as compared to 5am that I’m used to. Around the 0.5 mile mark my calf started tightening up, so I paused to stretch it out and went back on my way. All in all I still completed the run with a 14:27 minute/mile pace, and ran the whole thing except that little pit-stop. I was right in assuming that I will likely slow down once the mileage starts to go up.


I got back home to this piece of cuteness. He was belly-up on the couch and sound asleep. He kept stretching out further and further as I sat next to him eating my breakfast. I took about a billion pictures, but I’m sure you don’t want to see all of them…..



This was a little later in the afternoon, we were trying to get the kitties to play with a toy on the stairs, but they were having none of it. Stairs are a new concept to these two, our old house was single-story. Two months of practice isn’t enough to feel confident in romping down the stairs I guess.






Now if you’re hungry, you may want to quit here. Sunday night was busy with meal prep for the week. These are my lunches: chicken enchiladas and red rice. Not 100% healthy, but a lot better than other things I could eat. An added bonus being that they’re quick and easy to make.



I also made Spaghetti Squash Bolognese for dinner. This is a lightly adapted version from Diane Sanfilippo’s Practical Paleo book. Lots of good recipes there!





Questions for you:

What fun things did you do this weekend?

Are there any accomplishments you celebrated in July?



2 weeks in

Welp, here we are nearly two weeks in to my lengthy 38 week training plan. I almost bit the bullet and signed up for another half in November. It was tempting. I then remembered that I don’t want to rush training this time. By March, I’ll be in shape, and then I can sign up for all the half marathons I want. But until I get there, I’m going to enjoy the slow build.

This is my last half mile run. Thank. Goodness! I was happy to learn I can run a half mile without feeling like I was taking my last breath, but I’m ready to ramp up the challenge. Starting Sunday, I’ll do a week of 1-milers, then a week of 2-milers, and we go up from there.

As a result my new alarm schedule looks a little something like this:Β 

I really don’t like seeing anything before 5am, but I’m committed to this, and it hasn’t been bad so far. I need to make sure to practice “early-to-bed, early-to-rise” mentality. Looks like 8:30pm bedtime for me for a while.

My hope is that it’ll cool down enough to run after work once I start needing to run more than 2 miles in the middle of the week. August 24 is my first 3 mile run mid-week, so I don’t think that’s a realistic hope. Maybe there’ll be a freak cold front that day….? I’ll talk to my local meteorologist to see if we can make that happen πŸ˜‰

I had a slow run this morning 15:08 minute/mile, due to some…..difficulties. Nothing to worry about though.

Day 6 Gear – Hydration Pack

On those long training runs last year, I found that a hand-held water bottle was most inconvenient. I decided to invest in a nice hydration pack to kill two birds with one stone: 1) hydration! 2) a place to store my keys/ID/lip balm/nutrition etc.

I did my research and found a nice small pack by Osprey. I really like this pack. It sits high on my back, and (if I put the water in right) it doesn’t slosh around like I was afraid of. It has the added bonus of being extremely light weight. I give this one a big thumbs up if you’re looking for a pack yourself.

Just Keep Running

I think it will be wise to open some posts with a “confessional” (when warranted). Let’s start today with Confessional 1 (in a series of several, I’m sure):

I skipped my run yesterday. Yep, I sure did. Before I launch into my litany of excuses, I did run today.

Excuse #1: 5:00am – I was tiiiired (was! :*(( ). Seriously, though, I was SO tired. I haven’t slept well since Sunday. I just keep waking up once an hour, and toss and turn for 15-30 minutes and doze then wake up again – rinse/repeat. By the time my alarm was supposed to go off yesterday morning, I had been awake since 4am unable to go back to sleep. I decided to give myself a break; after all, I was helping out at the last New Student Orientation of the summer, and it was bound to be an intense day. Why expend what little energy I had to face the day on a jog? “I’ll run when I get home from work,” I reasoned.

Excuse #2: Cut to 6:15pm, I’m rounding the bend on my way home, the day wasn’t nearly as rough as I’d anticipated, and I glance down at my temperature gauge to see this —>
HAHAHAHA. Nope 😐 Not going to run. “I’ll wait until the sun goes down,” I then promised myself.

Excuse #3: Cut to 8:15pm, watching my favorite episode of Parks and Rec on Netflix on the couch. I’m getting verrrry sleepy, my eyes are beginning to burn, the sun is setting. My resolve to run fluttered out the window. I wasn’t 100% sure I’d even make it up the stairs to get to bed. I did, but not without bumping into the wall a couple times on my way.

I slept SO well last night it was ridiculous! At 5 when my alarm went off, I didn’t feel the urge to roll over and fall back to sleep. I got up and started getting ready to go out when I heard some shuffling from the bedroom, so I wandered back and and who’s up?! Ryan! He decided to get back on the run wagon and join me this morning.

We have a long standing agreement, we’ll run “together,” but “together” means we’re both outside at the same time. This dude can do not one form of exercise for 6 months, then one day just go out for a 3 mile run like nothing. Seriously, 8 minute miles. So he ran laps around me, per usual. He runs ahead, doubles back, runs past me, then catches back up, and runs ahead again. It’s nice, but I have to really work hard not to try and keep up with him.

I was successful at that attempt today, I actually slowed down: 14:08 minute/mile! I still can seem to keep slow enough to meet the 16:07 minute/mile goal. I feel confident I’ll finally slow down on Sunday once I actually run a mile.

Day 4 Gear – Shoes

Let’s talk about shoes for a minute.

I’ve got a sordid history with running shoes. I started training in 2010 with a pair of Nike Free 2.0+. I LOVED these shoes. They were so light, and very comfortable. I ran them into the ground that year, then I hung up my running shoes until 2015. I tried the newest Nike Free version, but wasn’t a fan.

This is where my shoe history goes sour, I bought a pair of shoes from Costco (yes! Costco) for $19.99. The price was so tempting. They were “running shoes,” why the heck not? Uh yeah, no bueno. I lost both of my big toenails after November’s half. This cemented in me that shoes are of the utmost importance. We’re out there smashing the heck out of our feet, we need to show them some love – and sadly, the best love does not come from $20 “running shoes.”

I’m currently using 2 pairs: Saucony Zealot ISO and Saucony Breakthru. I actually do run in both. My Breakthrus are my short run shoes. They’re not my favorite, but they get the job done. I probably won’t follow that line past this training season. The Zealots though, oh boy do I love those. They are like cushions of air that spring me off the ground and propel me forward. They’re going to be my long run shoes. For now, they’re my “Sunday Run” shoes, since I’m not actually doing long runs, but those runs will be on Sundays so…..you see where I’m going with this.

Questions for you:

What’s your favorite “excuse” for skipping a workout?

What shoes are your favorite?

Day 4

Hello and good afternoon. Run number 4 is in the books! Hooray! I woke up (against my will) at 5:45am – my alarm was set for 6, so there was no point in going back to sleep. I got out the door for my fourth 0.5 mile run at a 16:07 minute/mile pace. Thank goodness there are only 3 more of these to go!

I have to say though, these short, slow runs have been a real confidence booster. Unlike when I began training last Tuesday, IΒ know I can run a mile at that pace without stopping. It has been refreshing to find that my body is not as in bad of shape as I imagine it.

When I emerged from the bedroom, ready to head downstairs, I was caught off guard by the cloudy sky. There isn’t typically “weather” around here this time of year, besides “hot,” that is. I convinced myself it was probably smoke from one of the various fires burning in the hills. I was none-too-pleased to go outside in sooty conditions, but half a mile is doable in that case.



You can see from my face after the run that a) it was a great one! and b) it wasn’t smoke at all, but clouds! I could smell the moisture in the air, and it was SO nice. I found it hard to slow down today, after another rest day yesterday, I really had to force myself to run slower than a 14:00 min/mile pace; I failed thoroughly….14:03 😐 I feel good this afternoon, though – no shinny-shin-shin problems! I figure, if I’m not feeling like I’m exerting myself, I’ll just go by feel this week and try to keep it above 14:00.


Day 3 Gear – Entertainment (Downcast)

Some people run with music, some run with nothing, some run with podcasts. I fall into the latter camp.

Why? You ask. Simple: I get in my head when I run, and not in a good way – actually in a very, very bad way. I’ve gone out for a training run alone, with music and ended up stopping 5 minutes in because the “why am I doing this to myself? I don’t like this….” thoughts kick up. I LIKE running, so these thoughts are a complete and utter lie.

So I shut them up with podcasts. Music just doesn’t do that for me. I need my brain to be engaged and podcasts do that 100%. I listen to a variety of things, but here is a list of my current favorites:

  1. Stuff You Should Know
  2. Accidental Tech Podcast (an Apple geek’s dream!)
  3. Embrace Running
  4. Invisibilia
  5. Books: NPR

In fact, I listen to podcasts almost exclusively, while runningΒ and on my long, long commute. I listen so much, that I have topic specific playlists to make listening even easier.

My podcast player of choice is Downcast. I used to use the Apple Podcast app, but found it didn’t have as much functionality as I would have liked, so I invested $2.99 in Downcast and have been very happy.

Another good choice for iOS (if you’re in the market) is Overcast. It only came on the scene in the last year and a half or so, so wasn’t an option when I bought Downcast; but I’ve heard it’s good,Β and free.


Questions for you:

Do you get in your head while running? How do you combat negative thoughts?

How was your weekend? I had a great lunch with my parents, sister, and nieces yesterday!






Happy Friday

Hello and happy Friday! 4:45am came eeeeeaaarly. My alarm started buzzing and I wanted nothing more than to roll over and sleep for another 30 minutes. BUT I got up! Whoop!

I started today with a much better frame of mind than yesterday.

Maybe it was these delicious nectarines we had with dinner last night…..

That was definitely part of it. Another part was having a day off from running. I needed to sleep; specifically, I needed to sleep “in” (which still means getting up at 5:30am, but that’s my life, so….)

Run 3 was interesting, in spite of my get-up-and-go this morning, and included some technical difficulties. Same run this whole week: 0.5 miles 16:07 pace. On the advice of my runner friend Alexis, I tried slowing down; maybe 14:00 miles are still too fast. The slightly reduced effort was barely noticeable, but OMG it made a huge difference! My shins weren’t on fire.

I’ve got to stop pushing myself so hard, apparently. I’ll get there when I get there, and there’s no point in rushing the process and risking injury. I was really hoping it wasn’t my shoes, since I’ve only just invested in two new pair. That remains to be seen…I’ll be monitoring things still.

Ok, now for the technical difficulties….I had run to my 0.25 mile turn around spot, and checked my phone to confirm I wasn’t off, and lo-and-behold, the GPS wasn’t working in the MyAsics App. Grumble. So I flipped around and decided to just trust my memory and head back. I may or may not have run a half mile today, maybe more, maybe a little less – but I sure as heck wasn’t going to restart the clock.

This bothered me greatly, though. I’m a structured person who needs to follow the plan to the letter. Often, once I fall off the plan, I just give up and walk away. I won’t do that with this – remember that accountability I asked for in post number 1? Yeah, THAT’S why I need accountability. The fact that people are reading this helps keep me moving forward. Thanks for that!

I promised yesterday pictures of Margot’s brother. This is Noah. Noah probably has some self esteem issues, we call him various nicknames referring to his girth (he’s a BIG boy – nearly 20lbs). The best-of hits include: Meatball, Fat Man, and my personal favorite Meaty. He takes it in stride, and has actually lost a little weight since we moved – stairs have done his body good!




I also snagged a great picture of Margot Wednesday night. My friend on Instagram called her Gargoyle Cat – that seems fitting, ha ha!






In other health-related news, I got a standing desk for work yesterday! It’s great. Today I implemented a one-hour stand; one-hour sit regimen and it went great. Especially fun is to put on some fun music when I’m in a “standing” hour and dance around while typing out email. It definitely made the day go by fast.



Day 2 Gear: Jaybird X2 Bluetooth headphones

These are a new addition to my running gear. I learned about them first from the Hungry Runner Girl blog (well technically she was talking about the Jaybird Freedom, but my research led me to the X2 as being more my speed). I did a lot of research and found that they would be a great compliment to my training gear! I’ve run with them every day this week and OMG it is so nice to have headphones that stay in and don’t have cords to get all tangled up in! I managed to pick them up the day before Amazon Prime Day for a very reasonable price.

Questions for you:

Are you a structured person or a “panster” (fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants) when it comes to life?

My brain

Hello again! Day 2 is in the books. Planned was another 0.5 mile jog at a 16:07 min/mile pace. Before we talk about that jog, let’s talk first about my brain going into it:

My afternoon yesterday consisted of this:


Please note the white blotch on my knee area. I was at lunch, I set my tray with nachos down to grab some jalepenos, and ka-BLAM, the whole she-bang fell on my leg and foot. Thankfully the folks in the dining hall were wonderful and had the mess and me cleaned up before I had time to feel humiliated. I got to walk around the rest of the day with this lovely accent on my pants. TOTAL fashion statement, if I do say so myself.

Then, on the drive home this happened:

Yup, my check-engine light is on. #@$%#$! I’ve been having some oil related troubles after a not-great experience at a drive through quicky oil change place. They didn’t fill ‘er up all the way, and that is no good on the engine.

I commute about 120 miles a day (round trip), so my car always has to be in tip-top shape. No room for check-engine lights here!

(Also, if you’re a feminist, you need to listen to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. It’s a fun listen, but there is language, if you’re opposed to that sort of thing).

This made my evening better:

This is our kitty Margot. She’s a black cat, so that makes her nearly impossible to photograph. I’ll try to get a better shot of her, eventually, she’s always moving though, which makes it harder. You’ll meet her bro on Friday πŸ™‚

Anyhow, my mind wasn’t in the right place this morning at 5am when I awoke. Lots o’ worries, and some majorly sore shins. I got my tush out of bed and dragged myself out the door. Here’s the part where my brain comes in: I was already expecting a worse result than yesterday. What did I get, you ask?

Well for starters, this:

A gorgeous pre-sunrise. SO PRETTY! But I also got exactly what I mentally planned for. This half mile seemed to trudge on for. ev. er. Seriously, I kept checking my phone, “is it over yet? Is it over yet?” and nope, it wasn’t. I felt winded and slower than a snail skiing in peanut butter. Surprisingly I managed to almost exactly match my pace from yesterday. Just a hair slower.

I accomplished what I set out for. That’s a bonus. I’ve also realized that my brain needs to be in the right place before I even hit the pillow the night before a run.

No matter how bad or stressful my day is, I need to take a moment before going to sleep and let stuff go. If I don’t, it’ll come with me the next morning and slow me down. That’s what excess baggage does!

For funsies, here’s another gratuitous full-moon shot after I’d gotten back home. I can’t get over the beauty of it.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you all to my running gear. No in depth reviews, just a “here’s what I’m using” and a quick note whether I like it or not.

Gear Intro Week 1 – Garmin Forerunner 220

This here’s my Garmin. I picked it up last summer as I started training for my last half marathon. I got tired of lugging my phone with me.

I really like this watch. It’s got all the function I need: programmable intervals (which I’m not using as of today), GPS, current pace, average pace, distance, etc. I probably could have gotten a cheaper watch to do all these things, but I like technology and this one appealed to me (though now I’m drooling over the Forerunner 225 – but that’s not happening until this guy goes out).

My next run is on Friday, same as the last two (these first few weeks may be boring, but I’m learning and reflecting on each run, which is helpful).

Questions for you:

What strategies do you have to combat a case of the “negs?”

Do you have any fuzzy critters in your life?

Anyone have any tips for tight shins?

I’ve still got it!

Today was Day 1 of training. The goal: 0.5 miles at 16:07 min/mile pace. In my head that seemed really slow. In reality, that’sΒ pretty slow (for me). I’d be speed walking basically.

But, I’m redeveloping my base, so slow and steady to build up makes sense. Even though, while training for the half marathon last year, I was running 8:00 min/mile on my running intervals.

I bounced out of bed this morning around 4:55, eager to start Day 1. I had my clothes and gear all laid out, and was out the door by 5:05. For now, at least, I’m intending to do a 5 minute walk for a warm up and cool down. Once I transition to higher mileage and more speed, I’ll change this warm up/cool down period to an easy distance jog.

I caught glimpse of the gorgeous full moon getting ready to set (yes, it’s blurry, that’s the best I could get), the moon is the higher of the two orbs, the one in the palm tree.

Just after I took this photo my 5 minute warm up was done and I’m not going to lie: I was nervous – yes 16:07 is slow, but I’d made up my mind to run the entire half mile: something I haven’t done since I did my 5K in 2010. That’s right, I haven’t run more than a quarter mile in 6 years, despite doing a half marathon last year. I’ve been relying heavily on intervals – out of pure unadulterated fear.

Something pushed through me this morning, a kind of motivation I haven’t felt since I started Couch to 5K all those years ago. A voice in my head said “you can do this,” and I listened!

So I began a slow and steady shuffley pace, I checked my Garmin and it was holding steady around a 14:00 min/mile pace, and it felt good (not too fast, but not so slow that I felt silly)- so I stayed there. Before I knew it a quarter mile had come, and it was time to turn around.

I wasn’t winded, or gasping for breath like I had been while training last year. I kept going. I had my 2 run/3 walk intervals buzzing away from my Garmin on my wrist just in case, but I ignored them and kept shuffling.

YOU GUYS!!!! I ran an entire half mile! I’m in better shape than I thought. I was so excited that I would have done a cartwheel in the street if I knew how.

See my face: proud excitement right there
Lessons Learned:

  1. Fear can hold you back if you let it. I’d let fear consume me, and it impacted the way I allowed myself to train.
  2. I ran waaaay too fast last year. If I had trained slower in the beginning, and built up, I may have finished in less than 3.5 hours. No wonder I had a hard time running after 6 miles of pushing myself beyond what I’d trained for.
  3. I need to turn off the intervals on my Garmin – TTFG (Ta-ta for GOOD)!
  4. I am capable of more than I give myself credit for. I truly thought I was so out of shape that running a half-mile with no walk-breaks was impossible.
  5. I am a slow runner (for now at least). I need to accept that, and be okay with taking my time through this process. I will get farther with that mentality.

So with that, my new running motto is: “Every day I’m shufflin'”!

Questions for you:

Have you ever taken a break from running? How did it feel to start back up?

Do you ever don a giant hamster suit and do the running man? (For those who don’t get the reference, please go here).

Hi! Welcome.

Hello friends, family, and complete strangers! For those who don’t know me, my name is Kathy. I’ve got a mild rabid obsession with all things yarny, I’m a novice photographer (though my pictures on the blog won’t be publish-worthy), I fancy myself a writer (NaNoWriMo participant since 2007 or so), and I’m a wannabe runner.

Hence the point of this blog. I started running back in 2010, I got a fire lit in me to lose weight and get healthy. Over the course of that year, I lost 30 pounds and ran a 5K….then I stopped…..both. Being public with my accomplishments kept me accountable – after the 5K was done, though, I stopped posting to Facebook about my runs, so I took away the accountability that I had relied on to stick to it.

Now, you may ask, if you can’t stick to it without accountability, then why put yourself through it? It’s easy: I like running – I’m just not terribly motivated to do much of anything ever without accountability. I’m what Gretchen Rubin would call an Obliger – unless I’m obligated to others, I have a hard time convincing myself to do something, especially if it’s “just for me.” (follow the link to see which of Gretchen’s Four Tendencies you fall into – unless you’re a Rebel, then do whatever the heck you want).

So here we are, all caught up.I’m running a hilly half marathon at the end of March 2017, and gosh darn it, I need to make sure I’m in it to finish it. I ran a half marathon at the end of 2015, I did a walk-run combo and resulted in an over-three-and-a-half-hours finish. That’s longer to finish than the year I walked the whole thing :|. To be fair, I walked about half of it because I quit training (BIG mistake).

This time I’ve got a plan in place using MyAsics. I’m estimated to finish in around 2.5 hours with this 38 week plan. Yes, it’s a long plan, but I haven’t really run since November 2015 – I need all the build-up I can get!

Check out my crazy alarm schedule! I’ve got various meetings throughout the week, which cause my alarms to be rather scattered. I love Thursdays though!

Running days (and subsequently blog update days) are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

I’m looking forward to being held accountable for my training by you all as I go through this journey, yet again.

Questions to you:

What are your hobbies?

Do you run? Or are you looking for motivation to get healthy? (Maybe we can have a mutually beneficial relationship πŸ˜‰ )

Have you taken Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies quiz? Where do you fall?